When do we meditate? Only when we have the time?

Today’s blog is more for friends who have started meditating but have not been able to keep up…and probably dropped off the daily practice, due to busy schedule. It’s ok and I hope that I can encourage you to come back.

As I was sitting on my meditation cushion, I was observing my thoughts coming and going. I told myself, “Hmm…today, my mind is busy … but it’s ok. With a little concentration, I can return to my breaths.”

Irregardless of the time that we have been practising, there will be busy days where the mind is thinking about everything and anything; there will be relaxing and grounding days where we can be fully in the present moment 100 percent; sitting, standing or walking for 30 seconds, for 1 minute or 5 minutes and longer.

Yes, we can be fully present when we are walking. I learnt this in my practice with Plum Village by Thich Naht Hanh. In Plum Village, hundreds and thousands of people practise walking meditation. We focus on our breaths with each step that we take.
However, it is not recommended that you walk hastily while doing this practice. We want to have the time to walk and breathe calmly. Once, we are present, we can really feel the ground that we are walking on and be aware of the surroundings and not be overwhelmed. When you are new, it is good to practise in a park or garden when you have the support of nature, to make you feel calm and fresh in the head.

Coming back to our meditation practice, I encourage you to have a daily practice, be it sitting, standing or walking. It does not matter how much time you can afford. It can be 5 mins or 30 mins or longer. It is like taking your daily Vitamin C intake. You take it to build your immune system. We do not want to take it when we are down with a flu because it does not work this way.
* I will share more on some techniques that I had learnt that can be useful for people who are starting their meditation practice, in my upcoming blogs.
Have a daily boost and you will be able to build a strong immune system even when you are in the storm. Immune system here, I simply mean staying balanced.

If you have the time, I invite you to join us in Japan this August for a Yoga and Mindfulness retreat to kick-start a practice, for your long term wellness. (www.ompulenceretreat.com)

Have an enjoyable practice! Breathe and smile.
Om Shanti

Carol Cheong is an aspiring yogini and pilates and dance instructor for close to 20 years. 
She had been a flight attendant and dance studio owner in her 20s and 30s. Now, she adopts the yogic lifestyle and loves connecting with her students through movements and breaths. She launched an elective course (Pilates and Yoga)  in the university in Singapore and her dance choreographies are frequently featured on national TV station in Singapore. [www.ompulence.com]

Carol (Saraswati)