Watch Your Posture! Good Posture Enhances Your Health

We did not do it on purpose but this is how our postures looked like most of the time on a daily basis.

Be it at work, sitting alone or relaxing at a cafe…in fact, you can just observe your own posture right now. Many people’s head had already shifted forward, away from the neutral alignment (putting stress on our necks, shoulders and lower backs). You can take a look at the people around you.
Try to look far now and just keep your chin parallel to the floor and if it is convenient, you can roll your shoulders back and clasp your hands and stretch your fists away from your back; or just hold on to your elbows behind you to open the chest. Take 3 deep breaths (expansion of abdomen, chest and collar bone sequentially)
* This simple stretch and breathing exercise can be done almost anywhere (even when you are walking).

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It is pretty hard to get into a good posture while you are sitting, especially when you are engrossed in your work. Try to stand up and walk frequently. Even if you had attended yoga and pilates classes, your body awareness had increased, you have to apply daily and not just in class only. If the muscles are not worked or stretched often enough, it will go back to “comfort zone”, nothing will change because our minds are often focused externally.
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When we are able to maintain a good posture (Spine alignment is in neutral), it will help us to breathe properly; support and protect our soft organs properly. When we are able breathe properly, regulating our breaths, it will help to lower stress level and bring us back to balance or maintain homeostasis in the blood stream.
Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Feel recharged, sit and stand tall today and everyday!
Start with one breath, one mindful movement and one positive intention.
Carol Cheong is a pilates and dance instructor for close to 20 years.
She had been a flight attendant and dance studio owner in her 20s and 30s. Now, she adopts the yogic lifestyle and loves connecting with her students through mindful movements and breathing. She created an elective course (Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hahta Yoga)  for a university in Singapore and is on the path to help more people to feel radiance in their physical, mental and emotional health. []