The Power of Our Choices

It is absolutely difficult for some people to even order something from the menu. They take a long time to decide because they want to choose the best for that meal…  Can your current best choice satisfy your appetite for happiness or pleasure in the long run?
Some friends and students had shared with me that they were lost in their life’s direction.
They were mostly not very happy in the present moment due to their jobs, personal relationships or families. Maybe, we all need to reflect on the choices that we made that kept us in the present unpleasant moment. Even people who seemed happy were also suppressing something that seemed to be lurking deep inside their souls. Maybe, it may be easier for us is to ask ourselves this question. Did we make a choice based on fear or love?

According to Caroline Myss (Spiritual Teacher and renowned Author), people are terrified of making choices and terrified of the consequences, terrified of being held accountable for a consequence. Choice terrifies people.
Choices that matters:
1) A choice that you will live a life of integrity. You will not betray or compromise yourself.
Be honest and understand that liars do not heal.
2) Make a decision that I will not pass my sufferings on but my wisdom.
Go harvest your wisdom. We acknowledge that we have have pain in life.
It is looking at the pain and say that it will never defeat me and I will somehow turn this into a
source of wisdom and not allow it to turn into woe.
Wisdom or Woe. This is your choice. What do you want to pass on?
3) The choice to take risk. Don’t wait for proof and do not go into the regret stage.
Don’t look backwards for guidance…it will pull you back to images or personalities
that do not exist now.
Be in the newness, in the present and not be afraid.
4) Choose new words. Choose a word that you will not ever use again.
Word that you will not utter to yourself again. Eg. entitled, blame or deserve
5) Choose to get up everyday and bless your day. Bless your day just because You Are, not for
what you already had.
Hold in your heart, this prayer:
This day of my life will never come again. I will never see the people I am looking again.
I will never see the sunrise ever again…
This will take from your heart, every bitter taste there is.
You will be able to see the present moment with great gratitude and love.

You can find Caroline Myss on her website or youtube.