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Acute or Chronic Pain?

If it is a sharp acute pain, you should visit your physiotherapist to relieve the pain. However,...
so many students and friends (with chronic back pain) asked me on how to relieve their back pains and improve on their postures. And I've seen so many make the mistake of making continuous visits to physiotherapists to fix their backs for chronic pain and they also attend open classes to strengthen their cores or stretch their muscles, and that's just not solving the problem long term and can further strain your body when you go to the wrong type of class.

What should you do this moment? I invite you to read on...

“What one must then do is develop the habit of “thinking psychological” instead of physical. In other words, I suggest to patients that when they find themselves being aware of the pain, they must consciously and forcefully shift their attention to something psychological, like something they are worried about, a chronic family or financial problem, a recurrent source of irritation, anything in the psychological realm, for that sends a message to the brain that they’re no longer deceived by the pain. When that message reaches the depths of the mind, the subconscious, the pain ceases. That”

- Dr John E. Sarno | Healing Back Pain,
The Mind-Body Connection

I would like to have FREE access to
Day 2 & 7 of this back pain relief course now.

I thought that my pain was just a strain or lack of exercise...

When we recognise that our pains in our bodies are also caused by cognitive (mental), emotional and environmental reasons; we will find the proper treatment for ourselves.

If we continue to treat our pains in the back or any part of the body as physical only, we can go to many physiotherapists, chiropractors or even go through surgeries, the pain will return after some time.

I believe if you are here in this space for a reason.

“When your physical movement is limited, this can cause psychological distress, and the psychological distress can, in return, worsen the pain. Your personal health beliefs and coping strategies can influence both your level of distress and course of the pain. For instance, if you are anxiety-prone, expect the worst, and have catastrophic thinking, this can make the pain far worse. That’s because those psychological vulnerabilities can change your brain and intensify the pain.

Often, if you have these pre-existing psychological attitudes, you also have abnormalities in the regulation of your brain’s chemistry (particularly dopamine), and the usual brain functions in emotional control, anxiety, and attention are also disrupted. As a result, you can’t control your distress; your become anxious; you expect the worst; and you can’t focus on anything else. The pain becomes all-consuming."

- Srini Pillay, MD (The psychology of low
back pain) from Harvard Health

Hi, I am Carol

I have been teaching pilates matwork and movements for 20 years. My students include mothers, working adults, university students to dancers, athletes who many suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain.

I am also a mindfulness and meditation practitioner whom I had gained much benefits in finding balance, in a fast moving city like Singapore. I have been teaching classical yoga full time for 8 years. I understand how the thought waves in our minds can cause much stress in the body, besides a faulty posture or an injury. With this experience and knowledge, I guide my students in mindful breathing and mindful movements, which led them to a pain free life. (sharing some of their experiences with you, below)

I no longer teach pilates for people who only wants a weight loss result but dedicate my time to helping people who want to heal holistically and shift their mindsets, which will lead them to live a pain free life and
regain freedom of movements!

I invite you to practise with me with the
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I would like to have FREE access to
Day 2 & 7 of this course now.

Here's how this back pain relief course can help you:


Release Tensions

You will learn how to breathe and relax properly so that your para-sympathetic system will be enhanced. We want to ease the pain that may also be caused by mental and emotional reasons.


Strengthen from Within

I have developed a sequence and progressive method that will help you to free up your back and guide you on how to engage your deep core muscles that will help to support your spine.


Heal physically and mentally

This is a holistic approach where we will be practising mindful breathing, pilates mat exercises customised sequence; total relaxation and mindfulness practices. With the right approach and guidance, you will practise properly and effectively for your body.

How is this online course conducted?

UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the videos for 1 full year

Access to estimated 35 - 60 mins video lesson per day

You will have access to one video per day to help you progress slowly in these 14 days.
However, please take your time to progress slowly, as every individual, has different needs and adaptability.

Bonus Video to enhance your practice

The bonus videos will help you to release more tension and also be very clear of the fundamentals of pilates and mindfulness that will help you to gain strength without stressing your back or neck.

PDF Notes to support your healing journey

These are additional notes which you can have a quick reference - the fundamentals of pilates, benefits of mindfulness practices and also advice on how to continue the practice after the 14 days; maintaining good spinal health and mental state.

There is a lot of valuable information in the course, and I know a lot of people will benefit from it. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together and offer it to the public. Breathing Pilates is an approach I have never seen, and it's very important for me at this time in my life. I think it's always beneficial to review the basics of Pilates, especially when the approach is so unique.

Anne Tourney

I have spinal fusion at the L4/5 vertebra and have chronic lower back pain. During The Breathing Pilates course by Carol, I learnt the importance of connecting my breath to my core muscles which ultimately supports my spine. She emphasizes on engaging the correct core muscles for each exercise while making sure that we maintain correct form and posture. I find that I am able to function better in my daily routine after attending the course.


I've been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time. Before taking up Pilates lessons with Carol a few years ago I haven´t been aware of my body and my breathing. Carol helped me with creating body awareness and taught me, how proper breathing helps to release stress and body tensions. She is an excellent and very experienced teacher! Her exercises are well explained, step by step and easy to follow and on top, very effective. I highly recommend Carol´s classes! 

Nicole Hoeger

A couple of years back, I suffered from frozen shoulder. I went to chiropractor but couldn't get it healed. I went through intensive TCM treatment by a specialist physician for a period of time. I was able to move my arm more freely after the treatments but could not raise it straight up, pointing to the sky anymore. At most it was about 70% of my original function. I was more or less resigned to the fact that I would live with this state, for the rest of my life.
Thereafter, I chanced upon Carol from her Facebook post on The Breathing Pilates.  I didn't sign up because of my shoulder, it was more to correct my posture. I have since been consistently practising under her. One day, my friend asked me how was my frozen shoulder. I raised my arm, intending to show, "look this is as much as I can recover, 70% of my original function." But to my amazement, my arm shot up straight pointing to the sky! It was 95% now! Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought this was possible. My shoulder had recovered unknowingly while practising Breathing Pilates with Carol. 

Cheng Keong

I would like to have FREE access to
Day 2 & 7 of this course now.

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  • Some of you may prefer a one on one coaching for additional help
  • I will be guiding you privately via zoom for 7 sessions of 1 hour to help you relieve your back pain effectively.
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(online course plus personal coaching)

I would like to have FREE access to
Day 2 & 7 of this course now.