Real Yoga is Journey Inside

If you are pretty flexible like some dancers and gymnasts and some poses are effortless for you, you want to look deeper into your yoga practice.
Leslie Kaminoff
(Yoga Educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar)
” Have you seen former dancers or gymnasts in yoga class? Are you one, yourself? Does it seem like people with these backgrounds have a leg up on others in the room because they can usually attain the shapes that other have to work to reach? As always, the only way to know if real “yoga” is happening is to JOURNEY INSIDE.
Contrary to popular belief, the real “yoga” of an asana class can actually be more difficult for someone who is used to using their body in arts that can look like asana on the outside.
YOGA is not only about asana. There is a three-part definition of yoga.
TAPAS is about inducing change in the system. It’s about changing its activity or behavior outside of its normal habitual way of operating, which is why it’s often translated as austerity.
ISVARA PRANIDHANA is sort of the other end of that spectrum, which is you’re finding some phenomenon to which the only possible response is SURRENDER.
And of course, the connecting principle is the
SVADHYAYA, it’s the self reflection. It’s the introspection, it’s the ability to sort out the things that we want to work on changing and the things that we want to work on surrendering to.