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Kyphosis (Hunching) Prevention

Mindful Pilates Online Course

What you’ll learn in this online course

Be guided in a series of pilates movements that are 

customised to help you strengthen your core without straining your neck,

enhance your breathing and improve on your posture!


5 Basic Principles of stott Pilates

Learn the 5 basic principles

  • Breathing
  • Head & Cervical Placement
  • Scapular Movement & Stabilization
  • Ribcage Placement
  • Pelvic Placement


Lesson 1: Pilates matwork to prevent kyphosis (hunching)

Basic mat exercises that will help you to strengthen your core and stabilize your scapular safely. Learn how to be aware of the 5 basic principles during practice. 

You will only need simple props like a sports towel, stretch band or fabric belt to support your home practice.

2 - 5

Lesson 2- 5: Title Of Module Here

Be guided in a series of mindful pilates mat classes that will help you to stabilize your scapular, strengthen your core and relieve pains in your neck and shoulders. We will also include some simple props to help you make your practice more fun and effective. 


Lesson 6: final relaxation 

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 Final Relaxation Video 

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