Dear Friends,

I just returned from a mindfulness yoga retreat at Plum Village Thailand. The senior monk and nun reminded us that we are changing everyday. We should embrace change and be the new you…if not, it will not be a New Year!

This is such a good reminder as we always want to have new things or new goals; however, we resist chang most of the time and expect new things to happen in our life.
We also have old habits of controlling people or situations and do not trust the universe enough to allow things to happen. Let’s practise the art of letting go and allow the universe to shape us to be the best version of ourselves.
I was taking a stroll at Plum Village and came across this gatha on the rock – the way out is in.

This resonated with me as I believe that there is really no short cut. We need to look within by slowing down and breath consciously to touch inner peace. In Plum Village, we were reminded to breathe and smile. We need to expand this space within so that we do not consistently do something, hurrying, wanting the next thing or reacting when things do not go our way. We practise to have a deeper understanding of the truth. This will truly bring us peace and happiness.
This is the start of the year. We can make changes to have a balanced and meaningful 2018. Happy New You!

Om Shanti,
Carol Saraswati
Loving Grace of the Heart