Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat 2016

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During this retreat, the class that I enjoyed sharing the most was Nasal Cleansing…before we stuck the netti pot into our nostril, most of the students were a little apprehensive…10 minutes later, they felt relieved after trying and realised that it was much easier than they thought. Fear can stop us from trying new things in life…this serves as a reminder for myself to focus on love and drop fear. This retreat has been absolutely wonderful with the right people coming together at the right time and place. Everything happens for a reason. New people destined to meet. My biggest take away for this retreat is “TRUST” Trust in the universe to allow things to flow and appreciating the trust that you, the 10 beautiful people who shared this sacred time and space with us, had in me. Arjuna and myself sincerely felt your love. Your kind gestures at the end of the retreat really touched me. Big thank you to Arjuna, guest teacher from Portugal, who has always been supportive in my yoga journey… you always reminded me to pay close attention to your students. Best advice for a teacher. Your jokes (Portuguese Style) had brought much joy to this retreat. Tulip Isaraporn, retreat manager of The Pavana, is like a sweet angel that supported me throughout the retreat. You are getting 6 stars rating for your impeccable customer service. Until the next retreat….Om Shanti and Jai to our Gurus.