Your 1 Minute Pilates Core Workout

Play the above video and if you have been working out for a while. Go grab a mat now and try it out. This is just a teaser practice. If you find it quite challenging, it is time for you to start a proper practice with a qualified instructor near you. 1 minute of proper practice makes a difference compared to 30 mins of workout with no awareness.

Ensure that you are doing correctly with your lower back kissing the floor or in neutral spine alignment; and your neck not straining. You can contact me if you have any queries.

If you are new to pilates, please read the 5 basic principles from this blog.

Exercises~ leg lifts, double leg stretch & Obliques

Level~ Beginner / intermediate
Benefits ~
Abs strengthening
Shoulder stabilisation
Core strengthening
Tighten abs
Better posture
Support lower spine
Alleviate back aches

There will be more teaser videos on my blogs. For the full 20 mins workout video, I will be launching end of June 2017. You can view them on my new youtube channel. (Ompulence by Carol)

Start you pilates practice today and remember to breathe!