Upcoming Yoga Workshops in October

Om Namah Sivaya, I will be conducting 2 workshops in Singapore in October. Reaching out to 2 groups of people –
1) who want to feel more calmness (mind and body) in their yoga practice –
Yoga and Meditation
2) who want to explore to go deeper in their asana practice, focusing on
their crown chakra and conquering their fears –
Headstand Variations

Both workshops invite you to be steady in your mind and body. Connecting deeper with your breath and explore the inner strength within you. In all workshops, I will always guide you in a short relaxation to calm the body and mind before practising any yoga asana.

Click on this page http://ompulence.com/workshops-retreats/  for the full details of the workshops.

Do connect with me on my Ompulence facebook page and Ompulence_34 instagram to find out more information on the benefits of hatha yoga, inversions and total relaxation practices.

Click here to register for the workshops.

Have a calm and joyful day!