Lyrical Jazz Dance Workshop

Conducting Lyrical Jazz Dance Workshop tomorrow for a group of regular students who love dancing. This is not a professional training workshop but I am always happy to share my choreography with this group of students and evoke their emotions.┬áTap into your emotions….tell your story…

Jazz Technique Dance Course Level 1

This course is structured to provide a concept and practice-based understanding of dance, specifically jazz. Movement activities include technique-based movements, locomotor movements, use of space and dynamics. . Improve balance, control, posture, flexibility and posture. You will learn the fundamental techniques of jazz dance which will be crucial for you to progress in dance.   […]

Health Benefits of Cardamom

(Above photos from Health Benefits of Cardamom Cardamom is an ideal spice with many health benefits. The most popular and well known health benefits are listed below. Anti-Carcinogenic Properties: Cancer, particularly colorectal cancer, is one of the leading causes of death around the world. The rising cost of conventional cancer therapy and the subsequent […]

Benefits of Paschimottasana

  (Above Photo from Yoga Journal) Benefits of Paschimottasana (Seated Forward Bend) Anatomical focus: Back, hips, hamstrings, adbomen Awareness: Lengthening and relaxing the spine as well as relaxing the hips and hamstring Benefits: It stretches the muscles of the back side of the body from head to the ankles. It contracts the muscles of the […]