Are you tired of standing and sitting with back pain and sore neck?

You may have visited your physiotherapist or chiropractor, but you have not been able to practise the exercises given regularly; and the pain is still lingering. 

You are aware that you do not have a good posture and you want to strengthen your core and have better posture. 

Join me to experience a combination of mindful breathing exercises, pilates mat work exercises and total relaxation techniques that will take you to a mindful and healing zone. 

This is not a cardio sweat class but a mindful approach to working from inside out, effective in strengthening your core and reducing your pain level. 

Side Effect: Tightening of your abs and pelvic floor.

6 weeks

a Stronger Core 

your key to freedom in movements

Hello, this is Carol. I am your pilates instructor who practise mindful breathing and has been teaching pilates for 20 years. 

Here's why the students find The Breathing Pilates Classes effective

Mindful Breathing
to declutter the mind

You will be guided to breathe properly and learn how to bring your mind to the present moment. Learn how to breath diaphragmatically.  If the mind is busy and cluttered, you will not get the full benefit of a pilates class (a mind body approach to body conditioning).

Safe and effective pilates exercises

The Pilates exercises taught are highly effective and follows the 5 basic principles from Stott Pilates. There will be modifications for your safety and comfort. This is strictly not a "no pain, no gain" approach. Exercise sequence are also customised from 20 years of teaching in this field. 

Stretching and total relaxation

At the end of each class, you will do a short stretch; follow by a guided total relaxation that will help to relax you physically and mentally. Many times, our physical pains came from our mental stress and emotional imbalance. Learning how to relax properly will help to rejuvenate us. 

Why is it effective?
It has been tested by real people with real problems

Carol has been teaching for 20 years and she has applied different methods and found this method the most effective for relieving physical pains and aches.  she used to breathe quite shallowly even when she was practising and teaching pilates. When she started meditation 7 years ago, she realised how busy the mind was which caused lots of tensions in the body.  Over the years, she had discovered that a slight deviation from a good alignment can cause more strain to students. Her biggest advice for students are NOT to imitate the movements. Approach with a clear understanding and calm mind. You can be practising for a long time but if your mind is cluttered, you will not gain the balance in mobility and strength, elegance in posture and movements that Pilates offer.

Who will benefit from this programme?
Someone that is tired of the back and neck aches; wants a better posture

Let's not delay your journey to a pain free body. Commit to a practice that is safe and effective. 

Can I attain a stronger core in 6 weeks even if I am a beginner ? 
Absolutely. It is designed for beginners and you can practise at home. 

 You have to commit to practising at least 2 times a week for 6 weeks to feel the difference. 

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