The Breathing Pilates (A Pilates Practice with Mindfulness)

I had been in contact with students and friends who were struggling with their bodies. They felt  pain in the back, neck and also numbness in their glutes. I am not here to announce a new method created by me who can perform miracles for these students; but it is more of a sharing that by adopting a method to regulate your breath first, I had been able to help students to relieve the pain that they had been experiencing.

This is a mindful breathing, core strengthening, posture awareness class that follows the principles and exercises of Stott Pilates. Many beginner students or students with weak core strengths are not benefitting from the normal group pilates class because there was a lack of attention on how to breathe deeply into the lower back or sitting taller without tensing your hips and shoulders. In this workshop, we get to the root of the problem to practise pilates mindfully and effectively.
I have been teaching pilates for more than 16 years and had noticed that many students needed more detailed help than just instructing them to use their core strength.
There are generally 2 main group of able bodied students:
1) Not enough awareness of one’s breath and have difficulties regulating one’s breath (i.e, taking
long and deep breaths.) Most students are “Chest Breathing” most of the time and the
breaths are shallow which caused tensions physically.
2) Bad posture or lack of attention to one’s neutral posture whenever we step out of the pilates or yoga class because we do not know how to activate those deep core muscles in a relaxed manner. Deeper understanding is required to get the muscle memory to activate subconsciously.

Photo Credit – Core Muscles Anatomy Words Of The Week – Human Anatomy Diagram

Is this workshop for you?
The health of your spine is absolutely crucial in maintaining balance in your energy centers. When you can stand or sit tall, you can breathe much better and deeper which can change your mental and emotional states.
Improving your postures can relieve aches in your body and also give you more balance and confidence. Be responsible for your own emotional, physical and mental health.

This will also be a great workshop for yoga students who are pretty flexible and lack core strength. You may be able to do intermediate yoga poses with deep back bends but you experience back aches or joint pains. I had met too many yoga and dance students with this problem. Please share this with your friend if you find this useful.

This workshop starts you with a relaxation and breathing guide first and then follows with
– awareness of the basic principles of pilates
– Learning how to engage the deep core muscles
– Spinal Articulation exercises
– Relaxation

I am organising The Breathing Pilates Workshop in Singapore on 7th July. Click here for more information. I will also be putting up an online video for international students.

For more information on this practice, please do not hesitate to contact me at