Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat 2016

During this retreat, the class that I enjoyed sharing the most was Nasal Cleansing…before we stuck the netti pot into our nostril, most of the students were a little apprehensive…10 minutes later, they felt relieved after trying and realised that it was much easier than they thought. Fear can stop us from trying new things […]

Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat Sep 23 – 26, 2016

Sivananda Yoga Retreat 2016, Chiang Mai [/widetext] Sep 23 – Sep 26, 2016 7.00 am Morning Silent Walk / Seated Meditation 8.00 am Yoga Asana Class 9.45 am Brunch 10.45 am Free and Easy 2.30 pm Yoga Workshops (Introduction to Postural Analysis & Core Awareness) Sep 24 (Introduction to preparation for headstands and inversion variations […]