What is Pilates Matwork

Joseph Pilates planted the seeds of a new approach to body conditioning. His goal was an integrated comprehensive system of exercises to strengthen the human mind and body, which he believed to be related.

Pilates offers a bridge between mind and body, between everyday life and optimal performance, and between rehabilitation and healthy movement. It is a system that, when used to its full potential, can enhance every aspect of life. It offers a solution to everyone from those with restricted mobility to elite athletes.

Pilates is a body-mind system that looks at awareness, balance, control, efficiency, function, harmony.

If you are new to pilates, it is good to do a postural analysis first before you start your pilates matwork programme. If you have any back problem or previous injury, you are highly recommended to attend private pilates matwork sessions. A customized pilates programme will be designed to rehabilitate and strengthen you.

The Ten Movement Principles of Pilates

  Become Aware
❷  Achieve Balance
❸  Breathe Correctly
❹  Concentrate Deeply
❺  Centre Yourself
❻  Gain Control
❼  Be Efficient
❽  Create Flow
❾  Be Precise
➓ Seek Harmony

Pilates Carol roll over (smal)


Pilates Carol0396 (small)




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I normally start the class with five minutes of warm up standing stretches and conclude the session with deep breathing stretches to relax the body and calm the mind. The relaxation period serves as a cool-down for the body and a time to find the balance back in your body and mind.

Stretch bands are used to assist in some movements so that students can relax their muscles (no tensing) while targeting specific areas.

Basic movements and principles are highlighted while variations are introduced in a class for more experienced students.

Students are always encouraged to focus on the basic principles and not rush through a sequence or holding their breath.


Small Group Class
Trial Class $25/class
$35 (Drop In)
$200 for 8 sessions

Private Individual Class
$100-$120 per hour

Private Group Class
$100-$180 per hour


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