PILATES WORKOUT 6 Sessions in 6 hours

PILATES (Thursday Feb 2017)

Feasting is almost over and this is the time to set your priority to put in some time for the well being of your body on weekly or even daily basis. When you make a choice and just commit for a period of time, you will see the result! Do not use time as an excuse. This is the start of PROCRASTINATION. Another year will pass and you might be back to square one.

You may want to get a flatter belly, toned arms or gain more strength in your core to have a better posture. Ultimately, I would say that you want to move or stand with more confidence and ease. Besides improved body image, you are going to feel stronger and just lighter (indication of strong core). Lighter makes a big difference as you will find it easier to walk up the stairs, know how to carry heavy stuff without injuring yourself or just finding your balance when you are on a moving vehicle. It is functional.

When we say core muscles…we are not just talking about the abdominal muscles. They include all muscles that protect the spine. This is the reason why many physiotherapists recommend pilates workout for back pain relief and faulty posture correction, as the method effectively increase core strength in a safe way. This is only one of the many other benefits. I am not going too deep in explaining the core muscles. You can read my other blogs and also visit my Facebook page for more related articles.

This blog is to get you to start a practice now. Be it with me or with another instructor that can help you kickstart a programme. You want to feel the results after a period of time. Period.

No time to practise daily? Too Expensive to sign up for a pilates programme?

Sign up for this workout to help you:

  • learn the correct method to execute the exercises properly
  • to get more attention from the instructor in a small group setting
  • achieve the strength and body image that you want
  • to start a weekly programme to take your first step
  • get connected with a pilates instructor who can answer your queries

This pilates class was purely motivated by my own students who requested me to conduct a new pilates class for them. I am listening to them and decided to do it!

Email me today (ompulence@gmail.com) and book a mat space now. Very limited space!

$150 for 6 sessions
60 minutes / session
9th, 16th, 23rd Feb
9th, 16th & 23rd Mar
7-8pm @ 57 McNair Road (Gallery Helios)
* Mats and stretch bands available



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