Pilates Matwork Workshop in Lisbon

How to have a better posture? Why do we want to enhance our postures? This will definitely ease tensions in your neck/shoulder region and lower back. Learn to engage your deep core muscles without compensating on other muscles, stabilise your shoulder blades and be more aware of the natural curves of your spine, to prevent further deviations due to lack of awareness and bad habits; most importantly, be more mindful of your breath. If you are not breathing properly, this will cause more tensions physically.

I am Carol (Saraswati) based in Singapore and currently in Lisbon, Stott Pilates trained and certified; and teaching for more than 15 years. I will be guiding you in this upcoming pilates workshop.

With a stronger core (not just the abs) , you stand and sit taller, walk up the stairs with more ease and feel much lighter. One of my goals as a pilates instructor is to help you to gain more freedom in your movements.

No need any equipments, just a mat (which will be provided). Join me in this upcoming workshop in Lisbon on 12th (Sat) or 18th May (Thu). Workshops in Singapore will be conducted in July, please drop me an email and I can update you once the dates are confirmed in July.

Pilates Matwork Workshops in Lisbon
Level: Beginner

Arjuna Yoga Anjos
Rua Cidade de Cardiff,
n ° 42 (Metro Anjos)
12th May 2018, 1400- 1600
18th May 2018, 1930 – 2130
€18 / person (max. 8 students)
* Class will be conducted in English

Book your mat space at arjuna.yoga.anjos@gmail.com.
For further enquiries on the workshop, please email me at ompulence@gmail.com