Pilates Matwork Classes in Lisbon, Portugal

I am slowly settling in Lisbon after a week’s long of yoga vacation in Azores, Sao Miguel. Just taught a yoga class this morning and hope to share more on the benefits of Pilates this week. Starting this Thursday, 4th May, 6.30pm at Arjuna Yoga Anjos, I am teaching Pilates Matwork Beginner’s Level during my stay here in Portugal.

Are you the following groups of people who want to
– have a better posture?
– relief back aches?
(serious back pain requires doctor’s advice)
– relief neck strains?
– strengthen core muscles?
– have a toned belly?

Until you experience it, we will just be discussing the benefits and not feeling the benefits.

Step forward and join me in Arjuna Yoga Anjos and experience how pilates practice can help you; or keep a lookout for my upcoming pilates videos from 8th May. You can also watch the free 15 mins video on my website right now.

Hope to see you soon!





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