Abundance and Embracing Changes…Hello 2017



I am currently in Lisbon. Visited Cabo da Roca this time and I am very glad that I had a chance to stand on the westernmost point of Europe where the land ends and the sea begins. For many, it is another tourist spot but it means much more to me. The view and reality astounded me, a Singaporean from miles away.

Standing here, it was a universal sign that showed me that I had to look beyond my normal perspective of life. I guess my whole life had always been “on land” where I felt grounded, safe and supported in many ways. Thinking that life is safe had pushed me off the cliff…but it was one of the nicest “fall” I had ever experienced. For the last 4 years, I had started my spiritual journey where I flow more with life than before. Looking out into the infinite sea, I believe there is the abundance of life awaits me to experience…something much bigger than I can experience now.

With much appreciation to the present page in life, I slowly flip to the new page with enthusiasm and embracing the spirit of learning. In the new year, I will move towards uncharted water (just like anyone else who makes a choice), I believe that every conscious move lies the truth. Truth might not just mean happiness and laughter the whole time. Once again, reminder for myself to open my mind and heart where the true meaning of life will resonate in my being.

Wishing all of you good health and peace of mind; much light beaming from your soul.

Feel light, be light. Enter 2017 with much positivity and compassion! We are here to serve and let’s continue to recognise our talents and contribute to life.

Om Shanti





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