Ideal Posture

From a side view, good posture is seen as the head balanced over the shoulders as though an imaginary line runs from the ear through the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.  From the front, shoulders and hips should be level, head straight, knees face straight ahead and ankles are straight.

The ideal posture is one in which the vertical line of gravity runs:
– Approximately 5 cm in front of the ankle joint
– Just in front of the center of the knee joint
– Through the hip joint or just behind it
– Just in front of the shoulder joint
– Just behind the ear through the mastoid process

when viewed from the front or the back, the vertical line passing through the body’s center of gravity should theoretically bisect the body into two halves, with body weight equally distributed between the two feet and the knee caps (patella) should be facing forward without excessive deviation.