Headstand Workshop (King of Asana)


Headstand Workshop (Intermediate Level)

4th Dec (Sunday) 11.45am – 1.45pm
$35 (members) / $40 (non-members)
Venue: 21B Bukit Pasoh Road @ TripleGem

“Known as the “King of Asanas” because of its many benefits, the Headstand is the first of the 12 asanas and is considered by many to be a panacea for countless human ills. Sitting and standing for most of the day causes your circulation to become sluggish, so your heart has to work harder to pump sufficient blood to the upper parts of your body. Normally, your heart works against gravity; inverting your entire body lessens the strain on your heart, and allows a plentiful supply of oxygen-rich blood to reach your head and brain. This pose is not an advanced asana; even so, to begin with you may wish just to undertake the child’s Pose and the Dolphin, progressing to the full Headstand later.” – www.sivananda.org

This workshop is suitable for yoga students who had started on their headstand practice for the past months but they are not able to hold long in the posture.
We should approach every yoga pose with ease and steadiness. It is important to keep our mind calm and tap into the strength from within. Once you are able to relax in this posture, your meditation begins.
This workshop will also teach you how to practise a few other variations of the headstand. Keeping this group small so that I am able to guide everyone of you who attends. Look forward to meeting you. Email ompulence@gmail.com to register. Om Shanti

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