5 Easy 
Breathing & Pilates Exercises to 
Reduce your Back and Neck pains

- Explanation of  pilates and how it can relieve
   your pains
- Learn how to practise deep abdominal breathing
- The real reasons for your pain
- Neutral spine alignment will bring your more
- Psoas and your emotions
- 5 guided and illustrated breathing exercises for
   your home practice. 

you​​​​r key to fun fitness

5 guided and illustrated 
Breathing and Pilates Exercises to reduce your pains

You will be given 1 breathing and relaxation practice and 4 pilates (modified) exercises for your home practice. 

15 - 20 mins home practice for beginners

We are aware that you are busy and had customised it to be short and effective for your initial practice. 

Try it for 4 weeks and feel the difference

If you are committed to reducing pains in The Breathing Pilates approach, I am offering you 15 mins free consultation to support you in your 4-week practice. 


I have spinal fusion at the L4/5 vertebra and have chronic lower back pain. During the Breathing Pilates Course by Carol, I learnt the importance of connecting my breath to my core muscles which ultimately supports my spine. She emphasises on engaging the correct  core muscles for each exercise while making sure that we maintain correct form and posture. I find that I am able to function better in my daily routine after joining the course. 

If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old;
if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.
- Joseph Pilates

Enjoy this easy practice at home now and be free from tensions. 

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