Difference between Pilates and Yoga

Name one of the differences between Pilates and Yoga. They are different and should not be compared but I will share how one of the Pilates exercises that can benefit you. Pilates has exercises that works on spinal articulation (initiating from head to roll up, from tail to roll down). Pilates spinal articulation exercises targets deep pelvic floor muscles, strengthening tranversus, rectus abdominis and obliques muscles. Challenges abdominals through greater range of motion. Many students drop suddenly at a certain point in their roll down exercise or push themselves up (flattening their back) in the roll up just to complete the exercise. This indicates weak abdominals. Strengthening can be enhanced through fluid movement and even breath, no tension in shoulders and thighs, stretch bands can be used to assist beginner students. Develop stronger core muscles including shoulder blades muscles. New to pilates classes? Pilates Matwork for beginners (with stretch bands) starting from 11th Aug at Gallery Helios. Small Group Class.

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