Senior Instructor: Carol Cheong (Saraswati)

After teaching full time for more than 20 years, I am clearer than before that this is my calling because it does not feel like a job anymore. Many students are feeling stressed by work and studies in their daily life. They really connected with the yoga sessions at a deeper level as what we are doing is not just helping them physically. Paying much attention to the breath and mind, they are able to slowly direct their mind to their breath which truly help them to go into different poses and relax at the same time. I have been teaching pilates for a long time and have worked with different body types. Without fail, every student feel the muscle aches after a pilates session. This is because the pilates class is very effective in targeting the weak cores muscles. With proper instructions, they can zoom in and target the weaker muscles.

It feels natural and heart-warming when I am able to help students to lengthen their spine a little bit more, breathe a little deeper or just having a bit more fun.

It is no longer that important to get to a certain destination in a certain time frame. The process is important and if the connection is present, I am able to help my students set a strong foundation to kickstart a movement regime and enhance their awareness to reach their own personal goal.

Many times, reaching a certain goal is not just about physical limitations but also about becoming aware of personal emotional needs. An emotionally tense person will likely have a tight neck, shoulder, and back muscles.

I believe in teaching with an open heart so that the students can feel my sincerity in supporting them. In this way, a relationship builds, where there is mutual trust.

Currently, I am teaching Hatha Yoga, Pilates, and Dance. They might be very different in many ways but in my opinion, the key principles in all three disciplines are your breath and awareness.

I had been fortunate enough to be able to have taught yoga in Lisbon, Rishikesh, Bali and Bhutan. In Singapore, I had written an elective course syllabus for the Nanyang Technology of Singapore University and currently teaching the course "Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga" to the undergrads. There is much satisfaction for me as I am able to guide the same group of students for a period of 12 weeks which allow them to build a strong foundation and have better understanding of both pilates and yoga. This is now a very popular course, as we have long waiting list every semester. I am grateful that I can share yoga and pilates to our young adults.

In April 2020, I had been interviewed by a Singapore Radio Station, 938 Live by Eugene Loh, to share my life story and also my love for teaching. This was a very pleasant experience for me but it was also scary, as the programme was about 1 hr long and also the anxiety of opening up on a public platform. It went well and I appreciate every opportunity given to me. We have our hopes and fears in life, I continue to encourage myself and my students to conquer our fears and stay positive through our daily practices.

Teaching and choreographing have given me much strength, space, and spirituality. I hope that my classes can support your transformation as much as it had done for me.

Ompulence has launched it's first online course - The Breathing Pilates, in 2020 and from early 2022, there will be a membership club that can allow students to interact with me.  This membership club is unique as it focuses on helping people with back or neck pains; and on improving postures that had been causing much physical pains to many. It stresses much on a proper breathing techniques and also learning how to calm the mind down before we start a mind body practice.

I hope to connect with you soon and if there is an opportunity, I hope to work with you on a mindful movement programme. For now, I wish you much peace and light.

Explore. Accept.Transform

Carol Cheong

Professional Training

Advanced Teachers’ Training Course by The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (India)

Teachers’ Training Course by The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (UK)

Stott Pilates Instructor Certification (Cananda)

Intensive Mat Plus by Stott Pilates (Canada)

Advanced Matwork by Stott Pilates (Canada)

Pilates Matwork (Initiation 101) by Physicalmind Institute (USA)

Prenatal Teaching Training Course (Pilates) by Carolyne Anthony – The Centre for Women’s Fitness (USA)