Ompulence is led by Carol (Saraswati) who
    teaches Classical Yoga (Sivananda),
    The Breathing Pilates method and 
    guides you in breathing meditation.
    She has been teaching movements
     for about 20 years and is dedicated
    to share the gems of these practices
    to help people to
    relieve pains in the lower back and neck;
    maintain good spinal health
    and mental well being.


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    How can our classes help you?

    Ompulence offers classes for students who want to relieve mental stress, alleviate back or neck pains and improve on their postures. These students want to have better spine health. 
    Classical Yoga helps to you to relax physically and mentally, bringing your nervous system back to balance. The breathing meditation will teach you how to gently bring your mind back to the body and back to the present moment. This can help to enhance your parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system.
    The Breathing Pilates method helps to strengthen your deep postural muscles with mindful breathing and movements. This will relieve much pain in your lower back and neck areas. 
    Carol (Saraswati) has also been teaching an elective course designed by her for the university students in Singapore. This introductory course on yoga and pilates has helped many young adults. 

    For more information of the classes and course offered here, please drop us an email. 

    Weekly Yoga and Pilates classes
    (Resume in July 2020)

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    What our Students Say

    Carol has been my yoga teacher for two years and I never found a class I stuck with until I found her. Carol possess a profound kindness and calm that infuse her classes. She treats all students with great compassion, recognising where they are in their own practice and never compares them to each other. I learned from her to love my body more, to see it not as static but keenly connected to the mind and the ups and downs we go through. Carol's practice has been invaluable in helping me experience first hand the importance of self-acceptance. I cannot recommend her enough!

    Theresa Wong

    I have spinal fusion at the L4/5 vertebra and have chronic lower back pain. During the Breathing pilates Course by Carol, I learnt the importance of connecting my breath to my core muscles which ultimately supports my spine. She emphasizes on engaging the correct core muscles for each exercise while making sure that we maintain correct form and posture. I find that I am able to function better in my daily routine after attending the course. 


    Carol is a very experienced teacher who emphasises on both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, which has benefited me greatly. With her correction of my asanas and pushing my limits more with every practice, I feel myself improving in my yoga journey. 


    Carol's Breathing Pilates Pilates course is a good introduction or refresher on basic of posture, core strength, stretching and proper breathing. My husband and I enjoyed the personal attention given and feel it had helped us to improve on our own practice now and for future. 

    Li & Bill 

    I would like to thank you for the past 12 weeks of pilates and yoga course in NTU and I appreciate all the hard work you've put into the lessons. I have definitely learnt a lot about yoga - its practices, benefits and the motivations behind it. I also appreciate the weekly final meditations you gave us in class every Tuesday, and I found myself sleeping very well on Tuesday nights and generally feeling more refreshed on Wednesday mornings. I think I have found another part of me through yoga- a more peaceful, more calm version of myself and it really helps my mental health a lot. So thank you for being on this journey with me.


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